Amazing Theme

Amazing Theme 1.00

A psychedelic experience on your phone


  • Impressive wallpaper artwork
  • Stylish icon design


  • Garish color scheme


The Amazing Theme lives up to its name, providing a dazzling backdrop to your mobile phone's user interface.

The home screen wallpaper you get with Amazing Theme is very striking. It features a computer-designed graphic of a series of neon colored swooshes and swirls. It's what psychedelia would have looked like if Photoshop had been invented in the 60s!

Aside from this eye-catching background, the Amazing Theme also comes with some smart, colorful new icons. The color scheme that this free theme applies to the menus on your Symbian phone is rather garish though. In fact, the mix of magenta, turquoise, black and white might leave you feeling a bit sick.

The Amazing Theme provides a very captivating new look for your phone, but it might be a bit too colorful for some people.

Amazing Theme


Amazing Theme 1.00

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